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Legit back this time.

2012-11-08 00:40:53 by Dry-Ice

Had surgery on my eye again recently, if you look closely you can see where the needle went in.


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2012-11-08 04:29:12

Having a needle stuck in your eye must feel nice.

Dry-Ice responds:

It really was


2012-11-09 09:13:41

looks sexy, P.S add icons to your f*ing movies.


2012-11-09 10:57:13

What? My eyes always look like that.


2012-11-09 17:41:36

That doesn't look like it felt too good. Hopefully your vision will come back to normal soon.


2012-11-10 02:52:59

@ForNoReason: Now he's got icons. ;)


2012-11-10 17:02:31

owwwwwwww and welcome back


2012-11-10 21:20:02

That's fucked up.



2012-11-11 11:48:20
if you want to lock this thread

Dry-Ice responds:

probably better if you PM me in future <3


2012-11-15 07:28:47

I hope I never have to get a needle in my eye

I could probably go through with it but goddamn...


2012-11-20 06:39:35

You're stone cold, you now that?


2012-12-19 17:31:02

How you been ol' buddy.


2012-12-23 06:34:09

Also your icon scares me.


2013-01-03 15:38:56

You could tell Insanctuary to stop making threads, or you could petition Tom to permaban him...

Just saying.


2013-01-04 17:01:39

Hey, about my thread, I did in fact include a time link, but it won't work when it's embedded but if you open in a new tab. But it's OK that you locked it.


2013-01-10 17:26:33

u b& me ill kill you


2013-01-20 22:18:06

why are you even a mod


2013-01-27 00:47:19

How did you even get modded in the first place?


2013-01-27 03:31:41

How are you still a mod you were gone foreverdflksdjf

Dry-Ice responds:

I was de-modded when I left, then when I came back I asked to re-join the team. In short, I don't know either.


2013-01-28 13:29:22

thanks for making my eyes water for twelve minutes ya dick

Dry-Ice responds:

oh god you didn't watch my flashes did you? :L


2013-01-31 21:00:17

Don't lie, you were just high


2013-01-31 21:00:33

Oh god I'm sorry why did it post so many lmao

Dry-Ice responds:

rofl, i'll delete some :D


2013-02-05 02:14:05

Ohh your Alpha Male-ness in the godaddy thread has excited me. Just to let you know ;P

Dry-Ice responds:

: your response was too short, please add more


2013-02-05 09:47:32

Regarding the art thread: art is objective. As in, quality is objective, but taste is subjective.

Dry-Ice responds:

That's the thing, I'm not sure I agree when the subject is something like art. People are allowed to like something that others may consider low quality, right? The problem in the art thread was that people were trying to claim any piece of art was either good or bad when it's only a case of whether or not they agree it's good or bad.


2013-02-06 21:31:26

I think it can be regarded as good or bad despite people's opinions as good or bad.
Yes, people can like something bad, they do it all the time.

If I can put my two cents in, I think closing the thread while at the same time stating your opinion might have been a bad idea. Closing the thread, alright, but your opinion in the locking post which means no one else able to respond to it or keep the discussion going, I'm not sure it's a good move... That's just in my opinion.


2013-02-07 09:03:06

What kind of surgery? That must be pretty uncomfortable..